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parrot_knight [userpic]

Doctor Who XXXVI/10.12: The Doctor Falls

July 1st, 2017 (08:00 pm)

My review of The Doctor Falls is over here at the Doctor Who News Page; there's a lot I missed but that means I can write another review as promised to another site, but not immediately. Sadly.

Also posted at http://sir-guinglain.dreamwidth.org/2017/07/01/doctor-who-xxxvi-10-12-the-doctor-falls.html.


Posted by: daniel_saunders (daniel_saunders)
Posted at: July 2nd, 2017 01:24 pm (UTC)

From your review: given that Nardole apparently knows 10% of the Doctor's secrets, it's probably inevitable that we don't focus on him much, for fear of revealing too much about the Doctor. A pity, as Matt Lucas has been excellent.

I didn't read the snowscape at the end as Antartica; the David Bradley first Doctor seems in much better condition than the Doctor at the end of The Tenth Planet. I was thinking pre-An Unearthly Child although one could quibble over the extent to which he would call himself the Doctor at that stage.

My thoughts: I enjoyed it, I thought the two-parter was the best story this season, although that wasn't hard as I thought it was a slightly disappointing season, full of good ideas that weren't developed properly.  There was enough plot for the running time and I didn't spot a lot of plot holes, which was an improvement over much of the rest of the season.  I didn't like the last ten minutes or so very much, though.  Everyone says new Doctor Who does emotion better than the original series but I disagree; I think it ladles on the sentimentality in an effort to be Moving and Meaningful.  Original Doctor Who had a lot more subtlety.  That aside, it was good.

I've long-since liked the original Cybermen, although I thought they looked better in the sixties (they were too streamlined and 'perfect' here and I liked the transparent cellophane 'skin' they had over their bodies in the sixties).  I tolerated the John Simm Master more than I did in his previous appearances.  I thought the arcs for Missy, Bill and Nardole were finished well.  I'm sorry to see Bill and Nardole go, but I understand why Steven Moffatt wants to give incoming showrunner Chris Chibnall a free hand to create and cast his own regular cast.  I have no idea where things are going for the Christmas special, though.  And there was a subtle reference to the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip (two if count Bill basically becoming Kroton the Emotional Cyberman) which gets a thumbs up from me!