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parrot_knight [userpic]

One month audit

November 1st, 2006 (10:11 pm)

current location: Woodstock
current mood: lethargic
current music: Zero Mostel, 'If I were a rich man'

So, one month since I left TGW, and where do I park myself to do some freelance work? Why, my old desk at TGW, of course. The books I needed to consult are on open shelf in the Bodleian, but are in the Upper Camera whose sockets aren't laptop-friendly; and the TGW copies used to sit right behind me. I still haven't handed in my old pass for the building, nor the front door key, and no-one has asked me for them yet. I am going to have to deliver them sooner or later.

Thanks to my grandfather's illness and death and the consequent extended spells in the north-east over the last couple of weeks I've fallen behind where I hoped to be in my work, and have put in nowhere near the number of hours necessary to bring in a fairly decent sum of money. Additionally, it looks as if my redundancy money was paid directly into the bank account of a near-namesake of mine by mistake, and though the University payroll office noticed this before I did and sent me a cheque, it was still made out to the other chap. I wrote to them on Monday and am waiting for a response and the replacement cheque; a phone call will be needed if I hear nothing tomorrow. There is a largeish credit card bill to be paid in the next ten days.

The flat is in more of a mess than it was before I started tidying it, of course; each step in the tidying leads to a major reassessment about where all my books and files should live, which ends up taking a substantial amount of time. I think that the next piece to be removed from the present ill-fitting jigsaw might solve a lot of problems and enable me to start putting some items away more permanently, but I will have to postpone that beyond the current round of money-earning activities.

I'm behind on a lot of other things - there is still the work for the TS I need to do, connected to the box of books sitting behind me in my study right now, and another work by the prolific Niger to comment upon, and more work for TOGW to start, and also my book proposal to write so I can work on lifting myself out of my current situation before it becomes too deep a rut, however pleasant some of its aspects.