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parrot_knight [userpic]


November 10th, 2006 (01:49 pm)

I'm at my old TGW desk and the laptop is on, but work on this project is slow today. Even with the redundancy cheque paid in (and I haven't committed that story yet to these august virtual pages) I can't afford not to put in a few hours a day on the research projects; I wish that I could manage more but I have a low concentration threshold and my self-discipline is clearly pitiful. To my own annoyance, I know that when I'm not doing this I would be staring tiredly at a screen and clicking a mouse along familiar paths, rather than reading a book, watching one of the interesting files that have turned up on my computer after a visit from the torrent-spirit, writing my neglected Gallifreyan short story, or even write my hopefully career-forwarding book proposal, or (to give me some physical space) progress the stalled reorganisation of the flat.

Maybe I can give some time to these other things next week; having been locked out of my university e-mail account I no longer have access to the message briefing me on the work I am meant to do next for TOGW, so I need to ask again.

EDIT I now have access to my university e-mail account again, but only until 30 November.

EDIT 2 I know that this entry goes over old ground, but repetition might eventually spur me into action.