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parrot_knight [userpic]

Woodstock Walk

July 24th, 2004 (02:10 pm)

Today's gesture towards procrastination was an expedition to Woodstock to see if the CLA [Country Land and Busness Association, formerly Country Landowners' Association] Game Fair at Blenheim Palace was worth attending. The Game Fair was based at the southern end of the park and the entrance was poorly signed. It was also extravagantly priced - £16.50 was too much for an event whch I was only going to spend a little more than an hour at. I had no intention, of course, of buying any game, but the event looked better than the tawdry Blenheim Flower Show a few weeks ago.

I was looking through a small book on one of my favourite films, Kind Hearts and Coronets, which my sister bought for me for my last birthday. The author, Michael Newton, writes on page 9:

"...for the bitter, the easy self-deprecators, the procrastinators, the snobs, the junkies of possibility, the flirts, the wits, the wastrels, the overly wordy, for all those it is perhaps the perfect movie." I think I've been a few of those in my time.


Posted by: Penny Paperbrain (pennypaperbrain)
Posted at: July 24th, 2004 07:08 am (UTC)
Speccies have more fun

Ooh, flirting junky wastrel fluffy...

Posted by: parrot_knight (parrot_knight)
Posted at: July 24th, 2004 07:43 am (UTC)

Well, I'm not a great flirt nor am I much of a wastrel, by my own estimate, but 'junkie of possibility' - I've accused myself of putting off decisions just to prolong the moment of closing off options in the past.

Posted by: Pellegrina (pellegrina)
Posted at: July 24th, 2004 10:56 am (UTC)

I don't think you're overly wordy, you're just the right amount wordy :)

Posted by: parrot_knight (parrot_knight)
Posted at: July 24th, 2004 12:26 pm (UTC)

Thanks. I don't really think I'm verbose, but in gloomier moments might worry that other people think I am... but not very often! I've now written over 2000 words of my paper, and I'm aiming for 5-6000. If I make the time, I might have a PowerPoint presentation as well, which I've never done before.

Posted by: Na'Lon (na_lon)
Posted at: July 25th, 2004 03:50 am (UTC)

*grins* Maybe I ought to watch Kind Hearts and Coronets then...


Posted by: parrot_knight (parrot_knight)
Posted at: July 25th, 2004 04:31 am (UTC)

Absolutely... this is a film that regularly touches brilliance, then grabs it and twists it into all sorts of alarming patterns. At times it's a very feline film, and the audience is the mouse!