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parrot_knight [userpic]

Russell T Davies in Oxford

May 24th, 2019 (06:06 pm)

Russell T Davies's talk to Worcester College, Oxford and (by invitation of the provost) the Oxford (University) Doctor Who Society was enjoyable. I wasn't in the target audience, of course - there was a lot of talk about how to get into television and how Russell failed to get into the BBC training course three times, ending up by going in as a 'worker' through an ordinary job application and not as management. There was a definite sense of how glad he was to leave Doctor Who and that he spent a long time picking up the threads of his life that he'd dropped to make the series. Nevertheless, despite the attempted interventions of Jonathan Bate, the provost of Worcester - who four years ago encouraged him to persevere with A Midsummer Night's Dream for BBC One when the budget and logistics were collapsing - to take him away, Russell talked to people and posed for photographs for three quarters of an hour. The talk - excluding the Q&A - should appear at the Worcester College website soon if it hasn't already.

Also posted at https://sir-guinglain.dreamwidth.org/2019/05/24/russell-t-davies-in-oxford.html.

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