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parrot_knight [userpic]


October 14th, 2004 (11:13 pm)

The tutorial went OK, in the end. I managed to stick to generalizations, which is against my grain as I like details. My student had handed in her essay early in the morning, but I had been unable to read it properly thanks to the day job. I'm going to give my student some proper notes over the weekend, once I've read some more of the sources.

DSoc had a pub meeting this evening. Unfortunately only three of us turned up, though as the KA was at its noisiest this may well have put off some of our freshers, who may this year be shy retiring creatures. (We did see six this year, which is more than last year.) As there were no spare tables I sat with one already occupied by someone who turned out to be meirion, relocated from Cambridge to Wheatley and known to beckyc. It is a small world, as they say. She took the Whoishness of the conversation in good part.

Tomorrow, a visit from Dr Woods, who is continuing his research project into the relationship between Radio 1 schedules and the station's broadcast engineering history; I will introduce him to the cuisine at my place of work. They did a passable, but too thin, mushroom korma today.