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parrot_knight [userpic]

Doctor Who at Media Guardian

October 2nd, 2008 (10:37 am)

Stephen Brook of Media Guardian writes about Doctor Who a lot. He's an old fan who, like many of us, was taken aback by Rose, but was won over by the way in which the 2005 revival conquered the ratings and turned out to be paying due care and attention to the Who underneath the frenetic pace, accents, Slitheen and filmised video. He's now got a blog post up, and an 'Old Who' versus 'New Who' poll. I'm not convinced by the latter (there are too many disparate styles in the 1963-1989 series, to begin with) but others may disagree and want to vote. The blog post might throw up some readable comments, too.

Doctor Who: Vote for your favourite version and vote for your favourite Doctor and story
Are you a Who classicist or a modernist?