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parrot_knight [userpic]

The future of Robin Hood

January 7th, 2009 (07:28 pm)

The Stage have revealed that Sally Wainwright is to become the showrunner on Robin Hood, if it returns for a fourth series. It's been public knowledge for some time that Jonas Armstrong is leaving as the lead, the groundwork for which was prepared during the second season by the emphasis on Robin Hood as a concept rather than an individual: 'We are Robin Hood!' was a cry that must have led Armstrong to cast his eye towards the Job Centre. However, as far as Sally Wainwright is concerned the character will continue: whether this is a recasting or the introduction of a new character who takes on the identity and cause of Robin Hood, as with the substitution of Robin of Loxley by Robert of Huntingdon in Robin of Sherwood, remains to be seen.

I didn't see very much of the second series, and continue to see Robin of Sherwood as the definitive television interpretation of the show; I've not seen much of Wainwright's work, and didn't fancy The Amazing Mrs Pritchard in particular. However, she has a strong track record and might be the person to turn this series around.

ETA: And this blog entry reveals that David Harewood is to play Friar Tuck in series three (I find it's been public since last May, but I don't remember seeing the news before). More of the sense of contemporary Britain, complete with clothing stitched together from M&S (or maybe Primark), projected into an imagined past.