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parrot_knight [userpic]

Reasons to be late for work

December 16th, 2003 (11:35 am)

All of which stem from my tendency to organise things intuitively in such a way that to others looks like untidiness, and admittedly does lead into this.

Three weeks ago, I had been sent my two recent MOT certificates by my garage, after they failed to hand them over immediately after my last MOT. They sat in an envelope by a box file marked 'Car' on one of my shelves. (Filing something, for me, is emotionally like archiving something at a remote place - if I'm going to need something within six weeks I tend not to put it away.) Two weeks ago, family members visited, to do some house painting that I hadn't got round to doing myself. This was very good of them. However, they did some furniture moving as well, and while I'm grateful, as the new configurations saved space the contents of the shelves had to be moved, hence the separation of box file and envelope. All loose envelopes were placed in a box; I went through them and found them better homes, but the MOT envelope was not among them, and I have not been able to find it. I'd really like to be able to pay my road tax this week, and I need the latest certificate, and as I will be away for Christmas don't want to be waiting by the letterbox every day for a new one.

So, I turned a few shelves upside down and sorted through suspect piles of paper, but no envelope. Consequently I'm sitting in the office feeling that there is a job at home uncompleted, and I don't like that.