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parrot_knight [userpic]

Round-up from Twitter

January 25th, 2009 (10:16 pm)

  • 02:03 Realising that what might seem like a stupid thing really isn't that stupid after all provided it's not repeated. Damage limitation! #
  • 18:14 Expressing my relief that I was sufficiently awake to drive from Milton Keynes to Woodstock. #
  • 18:17 Tiredness nothing to do with the company, and everything to do with my bad sleep patterns. #
  • 18:36 @baroquemongoose Thanks - I must remember to try it. #
  • 19:06 Watching Robert Beckford's instalment of Christianity: A History - more sensible than the previous two contributors. #
  • 19:25 Brother Damian Kirkpatrick, vicar of Lindisfarne? Not used to this usage in the English RCC. #
  • 19:53 Nothing in programme really a surprise, except that it expects the audience to be surprised that Englishness can be inclusive. #
  • 20:20 Dialogue in Demons remains awful, with its self-consciousness not winning redemption. #
  • 20:56 Demons has some wit, though, and it's trying to use Stoker as its principal source and so root itself in an especially British succession - #
  • 20:56 - so I think it can save itself yet, and this episode got better towards the end. #
  • 21:44 Being Human wears its relationship comedy-drama identity on its sleeve, but it means very well and it's very touching. #

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