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parrot_knight [userpic]

Secondhand books attack wallet...

August 7th, 2005 (01:01 am)
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...or rather, wallet given freely to secondhand books. Well, £10 anyway.

The secondhand books concerned were bought from Turville Books, a temporary secondhand bookshop that opens its doors on two weekends a year to raise money for the Elizabeth Finn Trust, formerly the DGAA - this, I learned from their website, was the Distressed Gentlefolk's Aid Association, but the charity seems reluctant to spell it out, perhaps because distressed gentlefolk are an unfashionable cause, and the charity's present-day remit is a little broader, offering grants to teachers and other professionals. The shop is based in a barn and marquee at an upgraded farmhouse on the outskirts of the village of Turville in Buckinghamshire. Most of the books were 50p.

As for my purchases, a predictable mix of books about royals and almost-current affairs, and one eighteenth-century history book. So: I am now the owner of the first volume of Woodrow Wyatt's diaries; Robert Lacey's Royal; John Wheeler-Bennett's official biography of George VI; and a volume of essays on British history 1680-1740 edited in honour of Geoffrey Holmes, a historian who died about six years ago. There were two works of fiction, too: C.J. Sansom's Dissolution, the forerunner of Dark Fire which I read last month; and Max Beerbohm's Oxford classic, Zuleika Dobson. I don't know when I'll have time to read them; I'm not very far into the first volume of Casanova's memoirs, borrowed from emily_shore before her departure for American shores two and a half weeks ago; I'd naively believed I'd have finished them by the time she returned to parts Oxonian. I've started to take the bus the entire distance from Woodstock to Oxford, rather than Park and Ride; the intention is that I will have more time to read on both journeys, and will relax a bit more on the way back from work. Let's see how that works.