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parrot_knight [userpic]

Spaced series two Reflection

September 16th, 2010 (06:37 pm)

It is a mark of how time passes that the thought "Spaced series two makes me nostalgic for the turn of the century" is now odd not in itself, but that it is already plausible that I might think of it.

The shot of a Midland Mainline train on a St Pancras platform now used after the reconstruction by Eurostar, while Midland Mainline have themselves gone to the great franchised rail network in the sky, marks Spaced itself as archive television, a comedy about a time already gone. The little boy sent packing by Tim from the comic shop will now be grown up and able to fight for the reputation of Jar Jar Binks, no doubt held in great esteem by young adult Star Wars fans. Many of Daisy's fellow kitchen creatives are probably still there, ten years later, waiting for the Muses of Literature and Profit to smile on them again at the same time.


Posted by: daniel_saunders (daniel_saunders)
Posted at: September 16th, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
Doctor Who

I quite liked Jar Jar Binks on first viewing The Phantom Menace (aged 15 or 16) and had to have the whole 'racist subtext' thing explained to me. I'm not sure whether that's naivety or stupidity on my part. I quite like the prequel trilogy generally, actually.

I should probably watch Spaced at some point.

Posted by: parrot_knight (parrot_knight)
Posted at: September 17th, 2010 12:32 am (UTC)

Spaced is very well-written, though it makes me feel old now; and I was never really part of the kind of fan culture it dramatizes...

...and I can't quite get worked up about Star Wars as I was never emotionally involved with it as a child, and early developed a snobbery about Doctor Who being superior because its merchandise wasn't actually particularly in keeping with the spirit of the programme, except that in print.

Posted by: ms_rebecca_riot (ms_rebecca_riot)
Posted at: March 18th, 2011 07:36 am (UTC)
our hearts were young & gay

I've never seen spaced. Ive wanted to, its never been shown here (not passed censorship even) & I never saw it in the UK. AND YET I KNOW WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT. Argh. But I know what you mean about the oddness of nostalgia for a time that SEEMS recent. Having 20 something friends whose memories of that time/pop culture are quite different makes me feel...methuselaic.

Posted by: parrot_knight (parrot_knight)
Posted at: March 18th, 2011 09:52 am (UTC)

I remember reading one of Nicholas Fisk's children's science fiction books when I was nine, where he has (writing in the late 1960s) his adolescent heroine dreaming of being four years older, moving to London and being part of 'the swinging scene'. I could tell then that by the time she would have reached sixteen the swinging scene of which she was thinking (if it ever existed beyond media reports, I'd now add) had disappeared.