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parrot_knight [userpic]

Old Haunts

November 5th, 2005 (11:37 pm)

I'm (more or less) just back from Glastonbury, which I hadn't visited for a good few years. In the past it was SocA for which I drove; this time it was SocT, alongside Rustica who did the bulk of the organising. Chalice Well Gardens have had a few new features added; I'd forgotten to bring a bottle to fill, as I'd not thought of much beyond the drive to Glastonbury, and so I had to buy one there. It tastes as iron-filled as it ever did (thinks of Buffy/Angel fanfic where vampire is redeemed through drinking at Chalice Well; but it's probably been done.) At one point Rustica and I lost the majority of the group and decided they's gone to find something to eat, whereas they were hiding in some corner of the Abbey grounds that we could not see! I found that I couldn't remember as much about Glastonbury as I would have liked; I blame having too many things on my mind, and deny that I have failing powers!

Tomorrow, more teaching preparation; but I'll have a lie in first!