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parrot_knight [userpic]

New Doctor Who fanzines

April 4th, 2011 (02:30 am)

Two Doctor Who fanzines have published new issues in the last few days, and are worth investing money (in one case) and time in.

Issue four of Panic Moon is published in paper form in the pocket-friendly A6 size. Articles include a comparison of the first Cyberman story with its contemporary (1966) Out of the Unknown episode on a similar theme, Frankenstein Mark II; the depiction of gods as representatives of the television audience in Doctor Who; fanhood and parenthood; the latest DVD releases; and tributes to the late Nicholas Courtney, among much, much more including some splendid artwork. For ordering information see the Panic Moon blog - £1.20 for 40 pages of this level of writing is a good deal.

The Terrible Zodin, meanwhile, has reached issue ten. The usual colourful artwork has been set aside to honour the last monochrome Doctor Who story, The War Games. Its co-author, Terrance Dicks, is interviewed; the latest SFX Weekender is reviewed; there are lots of story reviews including A Christmas Carol and of course several responses to The War Games, and 1970s Doctor Who stalwart Peter Miles is interviewed too. Nicholas Courtney is remembered here as well. Issue ten - all eighty-three pages of it - and its nine predecessors can all be downloaded as PDFs from the Terrible Zodin website.