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parrot_knight [userpic]

Irish news

November 29th, 2005 (10:39 am)

Interesting. Arrests have been made over the 1972 Claudy bombing; and also over last year's robbery of the Northern Bank in Belfast. Has some sort of deal been done, by which the IRA are handing over those who have never been arrested in return for the controversial Fugitives Bill?


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: November 30th, 2005 10:31 am (UTC)

Interesting thought. I hope some kind of deal has been done, so at least something is being achieved. - Neuromancer.

Posted by: parrot_knight (parrot_knight)
Posted at: November 30th, 2005 11:06 am (UTC)

It would fit in with the murkiness of UK-IRA relations during the troubles. There have been a series of allegations, with some level of credible substantiation, that the British government has armed the Provisional IRA at various times; not only in 1969 when the main threat to order was seen as coming from Loyalists, but also subsequently, on the basis that the best way of knowing what sort of military technology your enemy had was to make sure that you were the main supplier.