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parrot_knight [userpic]

In London

February 21st, 2006 (07:21 pm)

current mood: contemplative
current music: Channel 4 News report on extraordinary rendition

Some progress today. I went into London to have lunch with Feudalist; our/his colloquium plan is going well, and we've decided roughly on a date (14 or 21 April) and which of us is going to invite whom.

Unfortunately I found that a note which I'd left myself last May was wrong, and that the documents I wanted to look at were in Westminster City Archives and not the London Metropolitan Archives. The latter are a sort of converted warehouse with laid-back porters who aren't bothered about enforcing bag checks on everybody. Perhaps I just looked responsible and was unlikely to be a terrorist. I managed a lot of walking by my standards - down Farringdon Road, along Fleet Street, Aldwych, Kingsway, High Holborn, down Shaftesbury Avenue, then meandering from Piccadilly Circus to the London Library, where all the useful books on country houses I was hoping to borrow are already out. I think that I am tending towards the view of my colleague Tennis regarding the usefulness of TGW's membership of that great institution. I'd join it myself if I lived in London, but working 60 miles away we don't get the most from our £275 a year.

So, I'm now at my sister's, waiting for her to come back from work, and happily using her PC and drinking her tap water.